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Who Did What?

Welcome to one of our weekly posts, Who Did What, where we let you know the important moves independent candidates and organizations have made over the past week.


UA-Logo-Tagline.pngA big change for the Centrist Project as they have announced that they will soon be switching to the tag of “Unite America”. The organization didn’t feel as if the tag “Centrist” was gaining the traction needed to elect more independents going into a crucial election year. Nick Troiano, Executive Director of the Centrist Project, had this to say about the shift, “Our new brand strongly reflects our core belief that its our unity, and the values that we share in common, that has always been the source of our nation’s strength. It’s an identity that anyone who shares our vision can adopt, without having to abandon any other affiliations.” 1 Click here to read their full announcement.



Image result for oz griebel connecticutOz Griebel, CEO of the MetroHartford Alliance, has entered the governor race in Connecticut. He has picked a Democrat as his running mate. Griebel had this to say about his intentions if he is elected, “Our goal is to bring people together to understand what the issues are better, to listen to their ideas, to put our ideas forward about how we make Connecticut a much more competitive state for jobs, for jobs that pay a higher median wage, that will in turn generate the tax revenue that will support programs that are so critical.” 2



Image result for greg ormanGreg Orman has become more and more active as of late, focusing much of his attention to Kansas’ Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kobach came under much scrutiny for his decision to keep a Democrat on the ticket after the leading Democratic candidate, Chad Taylor, withdrew his name from the ballot in 2014. 3

Journalist Steve Rose of The Kansas City Star believes that Orman must be counting on — or he would not be running — the Republican nominee to be the unpopular Kobach.


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