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Where’d the Logic Go?

We have lost our marbles; we’re increasingly illogical in our political arguments.

Today’s political landscape is so partisan we no longer follow logic to reach political decisions, we simply regurgitate party mantras and slogans, without thinking them through.

I’m not going to mention my beliefs on any of the arguments below, and this isn’t about what’s right or wrong…but this is about pointing our incredibly flawed logic being used by both sides. This is scary because if we’re not using logic to formulate our own opinions, how could we ever expect to work with the other side to create logical, bipartisan solutions?

Example from the Left:

Argument 1: It’s important for young girls to have a female President so they can envision themselves in that position. It’ll help young girls feel empowered, help them be motivated to achieve success.

Argument 2: Homosexual parents will have no issues raising children. It has no effect whatsoever if a boy has a “male” father, two women can raise the boy just as well.

As you can see above, the Left finds it beneficial for a girl to see a woman in a professional role, implying a positive effect due to the similar gender of the mentor and mentee. Yet in the next argument, the Left denies any effect of a similar gender mentor/mentee pair.

From the Right:

Argument 1: We need military grade weapons so we can fight an authoritarian government. We must be able to protect ourselves from the military and/or law enforcement should it come to that.

Argument 2: We need to arm our law enforcement with the latest and greatest military equipment and vehicles. We need militarized law enforcement to combat the threats of the 21st century.

As you can see above, the Right argues we must maintain semi-automatic rifles to defend ourselves against an authoritarian government. Then, in the next argument, chooses to arm said government forces with better and more militarized equipment.

Am I the only one lost by all this?


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