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What Really Mattered: Tillerson & McCabe Fired, Russian Relations Sour

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What to focus on:

  • President Trump continued to clean house of staff last week as he fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. It was a quick move and caught many in the State Department, including Tillerson himself, off guard. President Trump chose the current CIA director, Mike Pompeo, to serve as the new Secretary of State. The Deputy Director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, will look to fill Pompeo’s position. However, she must pass a confirmation hearing that’s expected to be quite rigorous due to her role as a chief-of-base for a CIA “black site” in which torture was used as an interrogation technique. 


  • FBI Director Andrew McCabe was fired as well last week causing quite a commotion due to his ties to the Russia probe. Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe and claims it was due to an internal investigation that found McCabe leaked information and misled investigators. McCabe denies these claims and states the firing is political and related to the Russia probe. 


  • Tensions escalated between the West and Russia last week as Britain took action against Russia for a nerve agent attack on their soil. Britain expelled 23 Russian diplomats, the biggest such expulsion since the Cold War, in retaliation for the attack. Russia denies any involvement and says they will react to the expulsion of diplomats with an expulsion of their own. 



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