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4 Stories Worth More than a $1.50 Tweet

Read about what really matters from the news last week. We provide you the least-biased news about current events so you can go about your day informed, not brainwashed.


What to avoid:

  • Twitter has captivated the minds of the masses once more. Paul Ryan deleted a tweet in which he applauded the Republican Tax Bill for its saving a secretary $1.50 a week and it’s causing quite the media storm…Luckily, we all know, nothing written with a max of 240 characters can be that important, so let’s avoid this one. 


  • The other hot topic to avoid is the memo from Representative Nunes. Prior to the release, both sides acted as if the memo was of epic proportions, with the Republicans insinuating it vindicated President Trump in the Russia probe, and with the Democrats fearing its release would be the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. After it’s release, it all seemed to be over-hyped. As usual, let’s wait for Special Counsel Mueller to complete his investigation. If you’re super interested, please read the memo for yourself, not one of the talking heads’ takes on it.


What to focus on:





After catching up on the events of the week, check out what Independent political candidates and organizations did by visiting our Independent Action post located here.


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