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The State of the Union — A Night of Political Theater

The tension was palpable.

At times during President Trump’s first State of the Union Address, members of Congress seemed incapable of movement, as if held in place by some outside force, to the point where President Trump had to physically coax them to stand.

Half the room gave a standing ovation for almost every item the President discussed, but the other half? Well, they sat firmly in their seats, exemplifying how divided Congress really is.

President Trump spoke to his people, adding in some effort to reach across the aisle to “finally get things done.”

However, for a night expected by pundits to be filled with self-praise, Trump spent quite a significant amount of time discussing his plans for the next year. What are some of the key topics he will be focusing on in 2018?

  • Lowering prescription drug prices, combating opoiod addiction
  • The Four Pillars of Immigration

  • Increasing efforts to destroy ISIS from the top down
  • Legislation to generate at least $1.5 trillion to counteract a “crumbling infrastructure”

President Trump made some ground in his first year in office in certain areas such as foreign trade and economy, but he’s greatly faltered in one area: Bringing the parties together.

As many watching last night noticed, the room was filled with various facial expressions and slouched bodies. The whole room wasn’t listening, just one side of the aisle.

What would the country like to see in 2018 from President Trump? Well, it’s not simple, but it’s a necessity:

Last night was political theater. Let’s see if President Trump fulfills his plethora of promises in 2018, and let’s hope that his bipartisan rhetoric not only continues, but succceeds to the fullest extent.

For a more in-depth analsysis of the entire speech, click here.


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