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Reality TV Won’t Affect Reality; So Read these 4 Stories that Will

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What to avoid:

  • Omarosa’s back to reality tv! On a recent episode of “Celebrity Big Brother”, Omarosa confided in a castmate about her time spent at the White House. While her comments shed some light on the relationship among staff members in the White House and with how people feel about the Trump Administration, they won’t matter much in the long run.


What to focus on:


  • Coming along with the sexual misconduct deja vu was government shutdown deja vu. The government shut down once more, however, it lasted only 8 hours as the Senate was able to create legislation funding the government for two more years. After some obstacles in the House, the bill made it to President Trump’s desk where he promptly signed it. The bill is a positive in that it’s a relatively long-term solution. However, it’s quite strange to see such deficit increases from the supposedly fiscally conservative Republican government.




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