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Oprah 2020 is Here! Should You Care?

Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the 2018 Golden Globes, after winning the Cecil B. DeMille Award, was a good one; in fact, many may call it a great one. As a reaction to the speech, “Oprah 2020” is springing up everywhere, and her name’s search interest appreciated quicker than Bitcoin. So, the question is, what can we take away from this?

Takeaway #1:

Some Democrats are desperate for a face of the party.

Most people know Oprah’s strengths: she’s a billionaire businesswoman, a media mogul, a successful investor, a role model for women and blacks, etc. Some even know her stance on specific policies. But the way “Oprah 2020” rose to popularity, we know many cast their ballot based on this speech. The speech was good, but can you judge a person’s worthiness for President off one appearance? If you’re desperate enough, you can and will.

Takeaway #2:

Some Republicans are scared of Oprah Winfrey.

Immediately following the cries of “Oprah 2020”, the partisan insults began to fly. Many called out Democrats for pushing such an “unqualified” candidate, but those same people failed to remember her resume’s eerily similar to the White House’s current inhabitant. Even funnier, many on the offensive are big Trump fans and part of the “MAGA” club. They seem to have forgotten, or never known, that Trump has been quite the Oprah fan the past few decades – he’s even mentioned she’d make a great Vice President.


“Oprah 2020” is being blown out of proportion – for now.

For starters, Oprah hasn’t shown interest in running. Sure, rumors are swirling and some close to her are saying she may run, but she may also be getting caught up in the wave of excitement. Hell, it’d be hard not to, especially when this many people are fervently chanting your name. We’ll definitely admit there’s a chance of Oprah running, but she’s not the shoe-in some dream of. First, if she hopes to win, she’s going to have to maintain her current backers and win the support of a much larger, more diverse population than her current fan base all while addressing complex, emotional policy issues. And doing all this may be tougher than usual since after four years of watching President Trump and the GOP infighting some will fear nominating an inexperienced, celebrity candidate.

All in all, it’ll be interesting to watch where this goes, but as for now, “Oprah 2020” isn’t something we’re setting a Google alert for.


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