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As Many Candidates Talked, One Candidate Decided to Listen

Welcome to our weekly post, Independent Action, where we let you know the important moves Independent candidates and organizations made over the past week. 


Neal Simon, an Independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland, endorsed by Unite America, continued to be creative with his campaign. He announced a “listening tour” in which he will spend time with Marylanders across all 24 Maryland counties over the next month. 


Kevin Kensinger, an Independent candidate for California’s 48th Congressional District, is scheduled to “attend a forum Wednesday morning in Costa Mesa will feature candidates for the 48th Congressional District seat discussing issues related to senior citizens and people with disabilities, such as healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

If this forum impacts you, make sure to follow the link above to listen to what each candidate has to say.

Oh, and that’s not the only chance you’ll get to hear him talk. Follow the Facebook post below to join in on another event with a special Q&A.


Craig O’Dear, an Independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri, endorsed by Unite America, picked up steam this past week when interviewed in the KSMU studio. During the interview, O’Dear said, “he would shake things up in Washington by creating non-caucus space in the Senate and by becoming what he called a “mediator” between Democrats and Republicans who frequently spar in the Senate.”

To catch the entire interview, follow the Facebook post below.


Ones to Watch For:

Noah Dyer, an Independent gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, hosted an AMA this past week. To see how it went, click here.

Paul Hamlin, an Independent candidate for New Jersey’s 1st District, continued his battle against the Party bosses. To support his campaign, follow the link above.

Cooper Nye, an Independent candidate for Michigan’s 11th District, was interviewed this past week by Shawn M. Griffiths of Independent Voter’s Network. Follow the link here to read the entire interview.

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