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Independent Action: Strong Candidates in Many States

Welcome to one of our weekly posts, Independent Action, where we let you know the important moves independent candidates and organizations made over the past week. This week we will be discussing Maryland’s Neal Simon, Wyoming’s David Dodson, and Governor Bill Walker of Alaska.


Neal Simon of Maryland released his “Three Reasons I’m Running for Senate” video this past week, allowing more Maryland voters to get to know their relatively new candidate. To visit his newly renovated campaign page, click here.


David Dodson of Wyoming, entrepreneur and part-time lecturer at Stanford, entered the US Senate race this past week. Dodson already has a campaign page where he takes a firm stance on a plethora of issues. The key factor in running a successful campaign for an independent isn’t necessarily, “Is he/she better than the incumbent?” rather, “Does he/she have the funding and resources to sustain their campaign?” For this independent candidate, he should be just fine on that front.

Through hard work, Dodson has been extremely successful over the years. This allowed him to say in an interview ahead of the announcement that his wife has given him the sign-off to spend $1 million, and, “if she’s not looking, I’d be willing to put in more.” 1 Dodson is also another candidate backed by Unite America, an independent organization causing positive change in many states.



Governor Bill Walker of Alaska made quite the splash this past week. With the power of incumbency, he led the pack in the gubernatorial candidates’ fundraising race, pulling in $277,000 before a reporting deadline earlier this month. However, Walker’s haul was far less than what his predecessor reported in 2014. 2 The next closest candidate, a Republican named Scott Hawkins, reported $217,000 in fundraising, but $200,000 of his fundraising was his own contribution.

Governor Walker joined Governor Kasich of Ohio and Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado in their bipartisan efforts to impact healthcare.

To learn more about Governor Walker, follow the link here.

For some interesting thoughts on Governor Kasich and Governor Hickenlooper, click here.


Ones to Watch For:
Nick Thomas, running for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District.

Craig O’Dear, Missouri attorney running for US Senate.

Terry Hayes, gubernatorial candidate for Maine.

Ben Jicklingan independent member of the Vermont House of Representatives, running for re-election this year.


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