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Independent Action – One Big Announcement, Promise Shown for 2018

Welcome to one of our weekly posts, Independent Action, where we let you know the important moves independent candidates and organizations made over the past week.

Greg Orman had some pretty big news for Kansans:

Orman was all over the media the past week, as he sat down with MSNBC and released 8 Reasons to Support Independent Greg Orman for Governor on his campaign page. As Kansas looks for a new leader, Orman continues to shine brighter than the rest of his competition. 

Now that the campaign is official, Orman’s mission to make Kansas independent is sure to be heard across the state.

Click here to support Orman’s campaign.


State Treasurer Terry Hayes, gubernatorial candidate for Maine, released her statement on the government shutdown. 

“This is what happens when the two parties never stop campaigning. They never transition to governing. They don’t build relationships based on mutual respect and trust, so they are increasingly uncivil and unwilling to compromise.” 

To read how Hayes will lead differently if elected Governor click here.

Terry Hayes has been quiet recently. Many Independents are hoping to see Terry Hayes in the headlines quite a bit more going forward.


Momentum to elect Independents in 2018? Independent Voter’s Network definitely thinks so, and we wouldn’t complain about a break from the duopoly. With the Centrist Project making waves in Colorado, IVN highlighted the group on their website here.


Ones to Watch For:
Neal Simon, a potential Independent U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland.

Nick Thomas, Independent candidate for Colorado’s 2nd congressional district.

Noah Dyer, the first Independent Governor candidate on the Arizona ballot in 16 years.


Running and winning as an Independent can prove to be very difficult. However, with your help and this voter’s help, Independents stand a better chance than ever.

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