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Independent Action: 4 – 10 Dec (Sen. Krist for Governor, Orman for Governor, Simon for Senate)

Senator Bob Krist, gubernatorial candidate of Nebraska, was a guest speaker at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s ROTC annual dine this past week. Senator Krist’s campaign trail then took him to Grand Island, Nebraska, where he spoke at the 104th Nebraska Farmers Union State Convention.

Nebraska is a state where football reigns supreme, and the Nebraska football program had a head coaching change this past week. This was huge news. Seriously, Nebraskans live and die by their Husker football. And the University of Nebraska-Lincoln hired a hometown hero by the name of Scott Frost, and as Frost preached a message of unity in his opening press conference, Senator Krist followed closely behind:



Greg Orman launched an exploratory committee in a step to become a candidate for Governor of Kansas in 2018. Orman unsuccessfully tried for the U.S. Senate back in 2014. Backed by the Centrist Project then, he is a shoe-in to pick up another endorsement from the organization if he does decide to put his name in the hat.

Why is Orman a political Independent?

“I’m a political Independent for one really simple reason — I don’t believe the current system is working for the American people or the citizens of Kansas. The two major parties seem to care more about seeing the other party fail than they care about our country succeeding.” 1



In Maryland, Democratic incumbent Senator Ben Cardin could have opposition in the form of an

Independent. Neal Simon, a successful Maryland business owner, is getting a strong push from the Centrist Project to run for Senate. “I can confirm we’re aware that Neal is thinking about running for U.S. Senate,”Centrist Project Executive Director Nick Troiano said. “We see him as a man of conscience and philanthropy and a very successful business career –someone who has deep experience in solving complex problems.” 2

Maryland seems content with Senator Cardin, but we have seen crazier things happen in elections.



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2 – http://marylandreporter.com/2017/12/06/sen-ben-cardin-may-get-independent-challenger-backed-by-centrist-project/?platform=hootsuite


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