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Independent Action: 29 OCT – 05 NOV

  • Alaska Governor Bill Walker, recently endorsed by the Centrist Project, testified on November 2 in the U.S. Senate Commitee on Energy and National Resources in favour of oil and gas exploration in the 1002 section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Section 1002 makes up 8 percent of the 19 million-acre ANWR. 1

During the testimony, Governor Bill Walker stated his reasoning behind his support for exploration, “Alaska is suffering the largest fiscal crisis in our history… Much like Midwestern states harverst the resources that grow on the ground, like wheat and corn, Alaska must harvest the resources in our ground.”

Will this testimony get national attention from both sides of the aisle? That’s hard to tell. Although Governor Walker said during his testimony that “Alaska’s economic future should not be a partisan issue,” it surely will become one if Governor Walker’s testimony is heard by ears outside the state lines of Alaska.

  • Last week, Senator Bob Krist of Nebraska hit the campaign trail to become the next Governor of Nebraska, making appearances in rural communities across the state. 2

Running as an independent, Senator Krist is entering unknown waters, as there has never beeen an independent Governor of Nebraska. However, with Senator Krist recently leaving the GOP, he has proven to hold conservative values that mesh well with Nebraskans.

  • No Labels continued their message that tax reform “must be bipartisan.” To contact your legislators, follow the Facebook post below.



1 – https://gov.alaska.gov/newsroom/2017/11/governor-walker-lt-governor-mallott-testify-in-congressional-hearing-on-1002-area/

2 – http://www.kristfornebraska.com/




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