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Independent Action: 27 Nov – 3 Dec (Gov. Bill Walker, Sen. Bob Krist, Tax Bill, Sen. Angus King)

  • Alaska Governor Bill Walker, endorsed by the Centrist Project, signed Senate Bill 54, a bill that he hopes will push across his message for a “Safer Alaska.” The bill is designed to increase the penalties a criminal offender can receive through various types of crimes included in the bill.


  • Senator Bob Krist, gubernatorial candidate of Nebraska, held a press conference on November 30th to discuss problems with the testing of Nebraska’s public drinking water. Senator Krist spoke out once again against his competition, stating that “Governor Pete Ricketts often cites his business background as an example of how government should run efficiently. This is a fundamental public health issue to ensure that the water we drink is safe. Taking two years to implement important water safety regulations is no way to run a government.” 1


  • Senator Angus King (I) of Maine spoke out against the tax bill that recently passed in the Senate. Senator King argued that the bill was rushed, stating that most who voted “don’t even know what the bill is. As of now, no one can tell you what is in this bill.” Watch the video below for the entire conversation.



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1 – Bob Krist Official Press Release, 30 Nov 2017


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