Independent Action 20 – 26 Nov (Hayes, Krist, The Centrist Project)

• Last week, gubernatorial independent candidate of Maine, Terry Hayes, endorsed by the Centrist Project, released a video for her campaign labeled “A Positive Vision for Maine”. During the video, Hayes reiterates one of her reasons behind running as an independent, “The parties aren’t the problem, the partisanship is the problem.” 1

Senator Bob Krist, gubernatorial independent candidate of Nebraska, embraced the holiday season by sharing his gratitude for his family, his life, and Nebraskans for allowing him to serve as a representative of the state.

We sat down with Senator Bob Krist this past week to discuss some of the reasons he left the GOP, his campaign, and what he has planned for Nebraskans if elected governor. We hope to bring you the interview in its entirety by mid-December. Stay tuned!

• As it was Thanksgiving Week, campaigns were a bit quiet across the United States, but that doesn’t mean that people were not working to get independents closer to where they need to be come election time. Organizations such as the Centrist Project,, WAIndependents, and many more continued their work on the ground to combat the two-party system that is currently in shambles.

Make sure to check out our Centrist Recap from this past week to stay up-to-date on everything you need to know.


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