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Independent Action: 18 – 25 Dec (Gov. Bill Walker, Greg Orman, IVN, DACA)

Before we dive into what the independent incumbents and candidates did last week, we here at Free Wheel Media would like to say that we hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones. Only one more week until we enter 2018, so make the most of it, and Happy New Year!


Governor Bill Walker of Alaska, endorsed by the Centrist Project, joined 10 other governors from across the United States in order to protect those impacted by the “Dreamers” situation. 1 Click here to read the full letter from the governors as they attempt a bipartisan approach to support those who provide “constructive contributions to our society.”

Governor Walker also praised the inclusion of the ANWR in the recent tax legislation, “The tax legislation passed today opens one of the most prospective onshore areas in the world to responsible oil and gas exploration and development – limited to an area that is 1/750th of the 1002 Area – right here on the North Slope of Alaska.” 2 To read his full quote, click here.


Greg Orman was highlighted in The Kansas City Star over the past week, with the author giving reasons behind why Orman could be elected if he decides to run after his exploratory committee is completed.

Steve Rose of The Kansas City Star wrote, “The breakdown among registered voters in Kansas shows the state is not as red as often perceived. An impressive 31 percent of registered voters in Kansas are unaffiliated. That beats the 24 percent who are Democrats. Republicans are at 45 percent, not even a majority. Independents tend to be liberal on social issues but fiscally conservative centrists. That is precisely where Orman stands, which means he could draw very strong support from independents.3


Independent Voter Network (IVN) had a very busy week, constantly pushing out material from independents across the nation. As we are continuously growing our relationship with this organization, they highlighted one of our profile pieces we did on a gubernatorial candidate in Nebraska. To read the full article, “Meet the Candidate Giving Independents Hope in the Midwest”, click here.


Make sure to check out our Centrist Recap from this past week to stay up-to-date on everything you need to know.


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  1. Refreshing to read just what’s actually happening in the news rather that all the wasted rhetoric on what someone thinks about it or wants others to think about it.

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