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Independent Action: 13 – 19 Nov (Gov. Bill Walker, Candidate Terry Hayes, WAIndependents, Represent.Us)

  • Alaska Governor Bill Walker, endorsed by the Centrist Project, continued his work on rebuilding Alaska by signing legislation “to help increase economic and resource development opportunities in the Petersburg Borough.” After signing Senate Bill 28, Governor Bill Walker said, “It is critical that we give our local communities and boroughs the necessary tools to be as economically sustainable and self-sufficient as possible… This bill does exactly that.”Governor Bill Walker received support on this legislation from Senator Bert Stedman, Representatives Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins and Sam Kito, and Mayor Jensen of Petersburg Borough.


  • Last week, Gubernatorial Candidate of Maine Terry Hayes, endorsed by the Centrist Project, continued her path to a “Clean Election.” “As a Clean Elections candidate, I am not beholden to wealthy donors or special interests lobbyists, only to the Maine people,” said Hayes.2 In an interesting move, Hayes is not embarking on this journey alone. Her Democratic opposition, Betsy Sweet, is also a Clean Elections candidate. Their campaigns produced a joint media release that can be found here.


  • Washington Independents kicked off their message on November 16th, with over 30 individuals joining them from all across the political spectrum to listen to their message and plans going forward. Follow @WAindependents on Twitter for more information on where you could fit in.


  • Represent.Us spent the week praising those who went to fight for a lobbyist gift ban that one politician, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe of Pennsylvania, is opposed to. You can sign the petition here to get Rep. Metcalfe to “stop arresting protesters and bring the lobbyist gift ban bill to a vote.”3
Image Credit: Represent.Us

Police arrested five anti-corruption protesters asking one politician to stop blocking a lobbyist gift ban.



1 – https://gov.alaska.gov/newsroom/2017/11/governor-walker-signs-stronger-alaska-legislation-in-petersburg/

2 – http://www.hayesformaine.com/171116

3 – https://act.represent.us/sign/pa-lobbyist-gift-ban/


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