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Independent Action: 11 – 17 Dec (Sen. Bob Krist, Gov. Bill Walker, Centrist Project)

Senator Bob Krist, gubernatorial candidate of Nebraska, spoke in support of former Nebraska GOP National Committeewoman Joyce Simmons decision to resign from her party post. Simmons resigned due to the “RNC’s recent financial support directed toward the Alabama Republican Party for use in the Roy Moore race”. 1 Senator Krist will look to continue his message of “Principle over partisanship” throughout the rest of his campaign.

To read our recent interview with Senator Krist, click here.


Governor Bill Walker of Alaska, endorsed by the Centrist Project, appointed 20 members of the Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team. The members will put forth effort towards mitigation, adaptation, research, and response for Alaska. 2 Governor Walker has been incredibly active in the past few weeks, passing multiple pieces of legislation for his state and progressing towards a “Safer Alaska”. As his campaign for re-election is sure to hit full throttle soon, Governor Walker seems to be making the right steps towards a successful election.


The Centrist Project released the latest from their “Spotlight on a Independent” series, highlighting Joe Zwier of Wisconsin. Zwier is running for Wisconsin State Senator as an Independent. To learn more about Zwier, follow the link here.

Joe Zwier of Wisconsin


Terry Hayes, another gubernatorial candidate endorsed by the Centrist Project, continued her message of country over party this past week by supporting the outcome of Alabama’s special election. Hayes, running for Governor of Maine, had this to say about the Alabama Senate results:


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2 – https://gov.alaska.gov/newsroom/2017/12/governor-walker-appoints-members-of-climate-action-for-alaska-leadership-team/


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