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Independent Action 06 – 12 NOV (Walker, Krist, No Labels, Represent.Us)

  • Alaska Governor Bill Walker had himself a busy week. While President Trump was visiting our friends in the Orient, Gov. Bill Walker signed the five-party joint development agreement for the Alaska liquefied natural gas (LNG) project. It’s hoped that this move will stimulate Alaska’s economy by monetizing natural gas.1 Marketing it as a large victory for the people of Alaska, Governor Bill Walker said, “This project will finally allow Alaska to reach its full potential as a state.”Another Governor Walker signature seems to be on the slate, as he is “looking forward to signing Senate Bill 54.” What is SB 54? SB 54 is an Act that will directly impact the crime and criminal law of Alaska, covering a multitude of current crime issues the state is facing. Pairing these events with a reelection campaign must be difficult, but it seems that Governor Walker is keeping a tight ship and making the right moves in order to better Alaska and keep his seat.
  • Senator Bob Krist of Nebraska continued on the campaign trail, this time taking part in a Developmental Disabilities Town Hall Meeting, which took place on November 9, where Senator Krist spoke strongly in support of programs that instill independence in disabled individuals. Senator Krist also jabbed his opponent, current Republican Governor Pete Ricketts, stating that Ricketts’ recent budget cuts create risk for the “state’s most vulnerable.” He left a stinging message for Gov. Ricketts, saying “This is what happens when one of the richest and most powerful Nebraskans attempts to represent the poorest and weakest.”Let the campaign begin.
  • No Labels introduced their new Honorary Co-Chairs, Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Senator Collins mentioned that one of her reasons for accepting the position was to “unify the middle.”

  • Represent.Us continued to promote their Unrig the System event, which will take place in early Februrary in New Orleans. The event’s speakers include the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Kerry Washington, Buddy Roemer, Richard Painter, Trevor Painter, and more. To register, follow the Facebook post below.

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2 – http://www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/get_bill.asp?bill=SB%20%2054
3 – Bob Krist Official Press Release

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