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Indepedent Action – Greg Orman Gets a Lift

Welcome to one of our weekly posts, Independent Action, where we let you know the important moves independent candidates and organizations made over the past week.


Greg Orman picked up more steam this past week, getting publicity in both the Washington Post and Smerconish. In his interview with Smerconish, Orman answered a question about whether he sees independents or a third party as a more viable option to fix the political duopoly. Orman responded with a well-put analogy:

“I do believe we need a third force to bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans. I’ve described Democrats and Republicans in Washington as a married couple going through a bitter divorce. They don’t talk anymore. They mistrust each other’s intentions. They no longer share common goals. Sending them to Washington to solve our problems is a little bit like putting that bitter married couple in a room alone and saying, “figure it out”. It won’t happen without the intervention of a third force.”

Orman hopes to continue this momentum for the months to come. To do your part to “make Kansas independent,” click here.


State Senator Bob Krist, gubernatorial candidate for Nebraska, continued to fight for those who live with disabilities, a topic that Senator Krist is extremely familiar with as he was the former president of the Madonna School in Omaha, Nebraska. The school’s mission “is to serve students and adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities to become as independent as possible.”1 Senator Krist seems to be fighting the good fight, and as he continues his push to become the next man in charge of Nebraska, winning each and every small battle will become crucial as the months go on.

To support Senator Krist’s campaign, follow the link here.


For a look back on the growth of the independent movement over the past year, IVN pushed out a wonderful recap regarding what we did in 2017 and what we need to do in 2018. We at Free Wheel Media highly suggest you give this a read.


Ones to Watch For:
Dave Warnacut, running for congress as an independent in Wisconsin’s 5th district, endorsed by the Centrist Project (soon to be known as Unite America).

Craig O’Dear, longtime Republican is forming an exploratory committee to consider a run for the U.S. Senate in Missouri — as an independent.



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1 – Krist Press Release, 15 Jan 2018



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