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Free Wheel Weekly — Simon Confronts Opioid Crisis

Welcome to our weekly post where we bring you a nonpartisan take on American politics.

Neal Simon continued his Independent campaign for one of Maryland’s U.S. Senate seats by sitting down with local law enforcement to get their take on the current opioid crisis facing the nation.  He also published more detailed plans on issues like reforming the political system and bringing high paying jobs to Maryland


Bernie Sanders decided to go with his Independent side as he endorsed Independent Gayle McLaughlin in the race for California’s Lieutenant Governor. Ms. McLaughlin, who has served public office before as mayor of Richmond, California, is running a progressive platform in support of ideas such as a “millionaire’s tax”, free education, single-payer Medicare, and more. 


Nikki Haley gave her opinion on Robert Mueller’s probe last week while on CBS’s Sunday Morning. When asked if the probe should be ended, she stated, “I mean, anything that comes like this, it should play its part. It should go through the process. But they need to do it quickly for the good of the country this investigation needs to happen quickly.”


Lee McQueen turned in signatures to Arkansas’ Secretary of State last week in her quest to get on the ballot as a candidate for Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District. We’ll update you on the Secretary of State’s decision as soon as we know. 


Ones to Watch For:

Cooper Nye, an Independent for U.S. House for MI-11.

Jeremy Peruski, an Independent candidate for MI-10.

Brendan St. John, an Independent candidate for CA-15.

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