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Below are collaborative blog posts from a right-leaning Independent and a left-leaning Independent written to give you the least-biased look on things you need to know about. 

Nonpartisan Opinion

  • North Korea Denuclearization – Trump or Timing?

    Trump’s hardline approach on North Korea has gotten a lot of headlines. First, the mainstream media made it feel like we were on the cusp of World War III. Now, they’re saying Kim is making him look a fool. What’s really going on in North Korea? Let’s step back and take a pragmatic look at the […]Read More »
  • #SyriaStrikes: Right Decision, Wrong Process

    Acts of war are ugly, but they’re also necessary at times. The world is safe because of war whether we like it or not. One place where we mustn’t shy away from acts of war is in the upholding of the global standard on the use of chemical weapons. The multilateral treaty developed at the Chemical […]Read More »
  • Truth Behind Tariffs and Trade Wars

    The talking heads on your television have been in a tizzy over tariffs and trade wars. Here’s why: It all started when President Trump signed two presidential proclamations placing a 25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum. (Read the proclamations for yourself: aluminum/steel) A tariff is a tax or duty (like a […]Read More »
  • How to Mitigate Mass Shootings

    Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack — one of the victims of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida — recently spoke at the White House concerning the issue with mass shootings in America. He was the voice of reason America needs to hear: "We're here because my daughter has no voice. She was murdered last week and […]Read More »
  • Two Teams, No Winners: Are Americans Willing to Let Go of Partisanship?

    There are 10 seconds to go, and it’s not looking good. Seemingly untouchable in the first half, the Minnesota Vikings are now down by one point against the New Orleans Saints — and I’m getting nervous. Not because I’m particularly passionate about them winning, but because I know my boyfriend Matt will sink into temporary depression […]Read More »
  • Tale of the Tape: Independents CAN Change American Politics

    Ever heard this joke? “American politics is like a highway of progress. Republicans stand on the right saying turn right, Democrats stand on the left saying turn left, and Independents stand in the middle, hopelessly waiting to be run over.” If you haven’t heard it, you have now, and you probably understand why people think it’s […]Read More »
  • Virtuous Campaign Spending – Finally Possible, Yet Still Not Used

    A focus during Presidential campaigns is how candidates will address poverty and healthcare in America and it’s easy to see why – the numbers are not easy to swallow. One in six people in America face hunger and this food insecurity affects one-fifth of all households that contain children. One in five Americans cannot pay […]Read More »
  • Stop Making Excuses for Sexual Misconduct

    In 2004, then Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld sent a memorandum to his Under Secretary in which he expressed concerns regarding recent allegations of sexual assault on service members deployed to Iraq and Kuwait. Soon after, the Department of Defense established the Care for Victims of Sexual Assault Task Force. This Task Force came up […]Read More »
  • Why Veterans Should Avoid the Two Parties

    If you’re a veteran or current service member, I believe you’re a great fit for a new political movement that aims to save America from itself. First, in the military, there are both written and unwritten rules about expressing political views. It’s clearly written we cannot participate in extremist organizations. There’s also an unwritten rule […]Read More »
  • The Complex Reality of the Gun Debate

    The gun debate in America is quite complex. On one hand, horrific events like the mass shootings of Sandy Hook, Las Vegas’ Route 91, Sutherland Springs, and Tehama County burn images into our brains, sensationalize the firearm problem, and make us call for immediate action to stop their occurrences. On the other hand, suicides, violent […]Read More »
  • The Complex Reality of the NFL Kneeling Protests

    America has made significant strides in equality since the 20th century, but it’s undeniable that racism still exists in all its disgusting glory in 2017. We’ve seen our first black president, yet we’ve also seen a resurgence of public appearances by the White Supremacy movement. America is at a crossroads, where a majority of the […]Read More »
  • We Have a Chance to Fix the Dysfunctional Two-Party System (Part 2 of 2)

    As we mentioned in Part One, George Washington sternly warned us about the risks of a political system divided into two factions. We’ve failed to heed his warning, letting our two main political parties operate unbridled far too long. Our representatives in government no longer represent the people, but instead, represent their parties. These are […]Read More »
  • George Washington’s Nightmare: The Unbridled Two-Party System (Part 1 of 2)

    Reality: Two small but artful and enterprising factions alternate leading the country. As one of the factions leads, they make the public administration the mirror of their own ill-concerted and incongruous projects, rather than have it serve as a factory of wholesome plans built for the American public that were developed through mutual interest and […]Read More »
  • Is the Paris Agreement Unfair?

    The Reality: President Donald Trump’s announcement that he will pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement was one of the largest events of his presidency thus far. Both sides of the aisle and both sides of the media are pushing their narratives about this global agreement, but what’s the reality? Was the Paris Agreement […]Read More »

Nonpartisan Spotlight

  • The Man Running in Maryland — Interview with Neal Simon

    The track record for winning an election as an Independent is far from good. However, Neal Simon of Maryland hopes to strengthen those numbers come November. We sat down with the U.S. Senate candidate to discuss how he plans to win, the issues he would tackle if elected, and how he would impact the people […]Read More »
  • Despite Transparency, There’s More Than Meets the Eye – Noah Dyer (AZ)

    Our politicians seem to hide their personal lives from us so well that we truly don’t know who they are. Only after a major scandal or legal action do we get to fling open their closet doors and see the many skeletons piled inside. Fortunately, Arizona has a man running for governor who decided to […]Read More »
  • Winds of Change – Interview w/ Gubernatorial Candidate Bob Krist

    Update: Since the interview, Sen. Bob Krist announced partnership with the Nebraska Democratic Party. Unbeknownst to most, Nebraska records some of the coldest temperatures in the United States. The reason it beats out most northern states is because it’s so flat the cold winds blow uninterrupted. Bob Krist is hoping the winds of change, political […]Read More »
  • The Man Behind the Movement: An Interview with Dr. Charles Wheelan

    On October 2nd, 2017, Free Wheel Media was able to interview the man with an idea that could possibly save the American political system from itself. His name is Dr. Charles Wheelan, a senior lecturer and policy fellow at the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College and co-founder of The Centrist Project. Dr. Wheelan codified the […]Read More »
  • Independent Profile: Alaska Governor Bill Walker

    He’s done it before, and he could do it again. Alaska Governor Bill Walker has announced his plan to run for re-election in 2018 as an Independent once again. Strongly aligned with the GOP for most of his political career, Bill Walker unaffiliated himself as a Republican and became an Independent to bypass the primary […]Read More »
  • Independent Profile: Terry Hayes for Governor of Maine

    “How we do things matters,” Independent candidate Terry Hayes said in a recent campaign video as she continues to push to become Maine’s next governor. How we do things does matter, but in order to dictate if Hayes has the ability to become and prosper as governor, we must look at her credentials. Hayes’ campaign […]Read More »