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What Really Matters: 22-29 October (Military Operations, Budget, Taxes, Puerto Rico)

Read our centrist recap for the week below. We shine a light on the spin and useless stories from the Left and Right and detail what you should focus on, before people can pull wool over your eyes. 

What the Left will Focus on:

  • President Trump once again showed his lack of tact while dealing with the public. As children of the media came to the White House dressed in their Halloween costumes, the President said things such as “I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children,” and “Well you have no weight problems – that’s the good news, right? So you take out whatever you need.”
    • Centrist take: While this provides more proof that President Trump is not necessarily the highest of characters to inhabit the White House, it has little more meaning to the current political environment than that. But because it had to do with the media, we’re sure we’ll hear more about it next week.

What the Right will Focus on:

  • It was found that the famous Russia Dossier that caused quite a show in the 2016 election was funded by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. The Right is using this revelation to attack the claims of Russian collusion, saying the claims were a tactic of the Left from the start, not anything tangible. The Right will also leave out the fact that the information gathering was initially started by a Conservative group, attempting to help their choice of candidate beat Donald Trump in the Republican Primary.
    • P.S. The Left will entirely focus on the fact the Dossier was started by the Conservative group. As shown by the New York Times headline: “Conservative Website First Funded Anti-Trump Research by Firm That Later Produced Dossier”
    • Centrist take: For now, this is all worthy of some weekend gossip and that’s about it. Yes, it’s shocking and strange the Clinton campaign wouldn’t have admitted to funding opposition research, and it doesn’t help their case for Russia-Trump collusion. However, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is continuing his investigation and we’ll have to see what comes from it. Although, of note are Mueller’s close contacts with James Comey and his previous working relationship with the Obama administration. We’re hoping his investigation doesn’t contain any sort of spin.

What You Should Focus on:

  • After the deaths of four members of an Operational Detachment Alpha team (Special Forces) in Niger and an awkward call from the President to one of the widows, we’re finding out our Congress doesn’t know, or is pretending not to know, about our military operations in foreign countries. Congress  is taking the route of blaming the Pentagon for not pushing enough information. The reality is Congress is failing, not the Department of Defense. The civilian government, specifically Congress, is supposed to be the oversight on the military, yet they sit back and wait on information or let the Executive Branch conduct operations through the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) passed in 2001. They do this not out of the goodness of their hearts or the concern for national security, they do this because they don’t have to risk being voted out of office for unpopular conflicts or loss of life. It’s a disgraceful dereliction of duty.
  • The House recently passed a budget bill that allows them to focus on revamping the convoluted tax code. The fact that the tax code is convoluted all can agree on, but how to fix it causes quite the conflict between the Right and Left, and infighting among the Right. If done correctly, the tax code being revamped could have big implications on both per capita net income and corporate earnings. However, there are already big concerns about how to fund the tax cuts and which taxes should remain in place. The tax cuts will take quite a bit of time to hash out and will be a developing story for weeks to come.
  • Puerto Rico still needs our help, latest numbers show about 30% have power, 80% have access to clean water. They still need our help, just as they did when we wrote they were forgotten: https://freewheelus.com/receive-the-reality-forgotten-puerto-rico-needs-our-help/. Another developing story is the Whitefish Contract, a $300 million contract given to a power company from Montana which had just two employees when it was awarded. An investigation is ongoing into how this company received the contract, but it shows the huge failures in our government contracting system. The Puerto Rican governor has asked for it to be cancelled. 

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