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What Really Matters: 18 – 25 Dec (Major Tax Reform, United Nations victories, Lethal Weapons to Ukraine, Puerto Rico)

Read our centrist recap for the week below. We shine a light on the spin and useless stories from the Left and Right and detail what you should focus on, before people can pull wool over your eyes.

What the partisans will focus on and you should avoid:

  • A protester sent a box of manure to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s house this Christmas and the news will wildly report this clickbait despite it having any real effect on our politics or our lives. We here at Free Wheel Media hope that regardless of how people feel about politicians, they keep their protests to a form that won’t affect families. There’s no need to send a box of manure to a family household on Christmas.

What you should focus on:

  • The GOP earned a huge victory this past week by passing a massive Tax Reform bill. The bill changes a tremendous amount of corporate tax rules and puts into place tax cuts for every income group (although the bill calls for these to sunset in the future). The bill has been popular with corporations but polled poorly among the general public who felt it was a debt-financed tax cut for the wealthy. It remains to be seen if the trickle down effect will occur, and if it does, if the popularity will rise. Some companies (AT&T, Boeing, Comcast, FedEx, Fifth Third Bancorp, Kansas City Southern, Rush Enterprises Inc., and Wells Fargo) have already come out and given holiday bonuses and/or raises to their employees due to the bill passing.  You can read more about the bill here.
  • The United States made some strides at the United Nations this week despite most the attention being placed on the embassy move. A great opinion article that explains the success Nikki Haley had can be found here. Among them, the UN voted to impose new sanctions on North Korea, voted to screen fighters returning from Syria, and a German government spokesman acknowledged the validity of a UN report stating Iran sent weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen.
  • The United States also made a major decision in regards to Ukraine this week, deciding to send Ukraine lethal weapons, a move that greatly upset Russia. Among these weapons is the lethal FGM-148 Javelin Missile, mostly known for its anti-tank capabilities. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov responded by stating the U.S. had “crossed the line” and was going to cause “new bloodshed” in Ukraine.
  • Finally, we must not forget our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. As of Christmas day, 69.8% of Puerto Rico had power generation and 94.4% had running water (meaning 5.6% still don’t!). We may also find out that the situation was more grim than initially thought as the governor has ordered a recount of hurricane deaths after major criticism of current numbers.

After catching up on the events of the week, check out what Independent and Centrist political candidates and organizations did by visiting our Independent Action post located here.


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