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Mushy Middle No More – The New Nonpartisan Movement

We here at FWM have been called the “mushy middle”. We acknowledge that the word “Centrism” has come to mean “mushy middle” and “compromising one’s values for progress” in the past few decades, and with good reason. Centrists have failed to codify an ideology and are plagued with infighting and continually fail to define themselves, […]

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We Have a Chance to Fix the Dysfunctional Two-Party System (Part 2 of 2)

As we mentioned in Part One, George Washington sternly warned us about the risks of a political system divided into two factions. We’ve failed to heed his warning, letting our two main political parties operate unbridled far too long. Our representatives in government no longer represent the people, but instead, represent their parties. These are […]

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George Washington’s Nightmare: The Unbridled Two-Party System (Part 1 of 2)

Reality: Two small but artful and enterprising factions alternate leading the country. As one of the factions leads, they make the public administration the mirror of their own ill-concerted and incongruous projects, rather than have it serve as a factory of wholesome plans built for the American public that were developed through mutual interest and […]