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Immigration Reform — Finding a Solution

In the United States, it is estimated that there are anywhere between 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants. Most are hardworking people, they care about their community, and they care deeply about their family. In many instances, these are people who have fallen in love with the United States. However, we must be clear and […]

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Political Duopoly: When Will The Stranglehold End?

The American people have two main choices when it comes to electing politicians. The Republicans and the Democrats, America’s century-and-a-half political version of the Coke vs. Pepsi challenge, are continually changing the rules of the game to ensure their continued stranglehold over the American political process. Given their near-total control over all aspects of American […]

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Two Teams, No Winners: Are Americans Willing to Let Go of Partisanship?

There are 10 seconds to go, and it’s not looking good. Seemingly untouchable in the first half, the Minnesota Vikings are now down by one point against the New Orleans Saints — and I’m getting nervous. Not because I’m particularly passionate about them winning, but because I know my boyfriend Matt will sink into temporary depression […]

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Hey Millennial, Which Party’s For You?

Millennials—the demographic cohort that follows Generation X, preceded by the Baby Boomer generation before them—now represent the biggest generation in US history. Much has been written about us millennials, and how we’re unlike any other generation that has preceded us. And now, as our generation starts to age, we are also on the front lines of […]

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What Hat Should I Wear? — The Complicated Journey of Today’s Voter

As the one year anniversary of the 2016 presidential election passes into history, an election people will continue to analyze, critique, and study for generations to come, I, a responsible voter, reflect on what was one of the most exhausting yet meaningful years of my life. My journey certainly wasn’t an easy one, nor one […]

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Where’d the Logic Go?

We have lost our marbles; we’re increasingly illogical in our political arguments. Today’s political landscape is so partisan we no longer follow logic to reach political decisions, we simply regurgitate party mantras and slogans, without thinking them through. I’m not going to mention my beliefs on any of the arguments below, and this isn’t about what’s […]

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Virtuous Campaign Spending – Finally Possible, Yet Still Not Used

A focus during Presidential campaigns is how candidates will address poverty and healthcare in America and it’s easy to see why – the numbers are not easy to swallow. One in six people in America face hunger and this food insecurity affects one-fifth of all households that contain children. One in five Americans cannot pay […]

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Pampered Public Servants; Hapless Household Incomes

Servant. According to Google this word defines “a person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant.” Do you think you’d ever hire a servant and pay them a higher salary than you earn? Do you think anyone in their right mind would? […]