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Dissecting the Nunes Memo – What Difference Does it Make?

You know how when people hype up a comedy movie as extremely funny it ends up ruining the movie for you because your expectations were sky high?  Well, we feel that occurred with the Nunes Memo. The release of this memo was hyped by both sides with one insinuating the release will vindicate President Trump in the Russia […]

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Do you believe Trump in His War on Drug Prices? This Nonpartisan Prophet Does…

President Trump rarely received a standing ovation from the entirety of the audience at his first State of the Union address. One of the rare moments came when he spoke about knocking down America’s outrageous drug prices. “One of my greatest priorities is to reduce the price of prescription drugs. In many other countries, these drugs […]

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What Hat Should I Wear? — The Complicated Journey of Today’s Voter

As the one year anniversary of the 2016 presidential election passes into history, an election people will continue to analyze, critique, and study for generations to come, I, a responsible voter, reflect on what was one of the most exhausting yet meaningful years of my life. My journey certainly wasn’t an easy one, nor one […]

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Tale of the Tape: Independents CAN Change American Politics

Ever heard this joke? “American politics is like a highway of progress. Republicans stand on the right saying turn right, Democrats stand on the left saying turn left, and Independents stand in the middle, hopelessly waiting to be run over.” If you haven’t heard it, you have now, and you probably understand why people think it’s […]

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Burgers, Tacos, and a Government Shutdown

Don’t blame Democrats or Republicans for a government shutdown. Blame both of them. During a shutdown, you’ll see both sides work their damnedest to… blame the other side? Yea, that sentence doesn’t end well. It should end “…solve the problem” but instead, we-the-people’s representatives are usually busy saving their own behinds rather than saving our […]