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Would you like to contribute to Free Wheel Media?

Free Wheel Media is a nonpartisan news source with no loyalty to either political party in America. We oppose hyper-partisanship and all of the division it has created not only in our government, but across our states, cities, and towns, too. If you believe in this message, we look forward to working with you. Free Wheel Media needs people who display courage in their writing by not abiding to party views.

Free Wheel Media looks for writers who:

– Listen to the other side of the argument, the other side of the story, and so on and so forth
– Write confidently in their own voice
– Put aside their own political beliefs to uphold journalistic integrity in the search for truth
– Maintain consistency throughout their submitted piece
– Cite valid and named sources throughout their articles when citing any outside material
– Understand that an editing and formatting process will take place with the lead editor of Free Wheel Media before publication
– Follow all rules in regard to copyright issues and plagiarism

To apply, email with a recent copy of your writing, preferably written through a political lens.

Compensation and rights will be discussed once application is accepted.