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Avoid the Shutdown Blame Game, Focus on these 3 Stories

Read about what really matters from the news last week. We provide you the least-biased news about current events so you can go about your day informed, not brainwashed.

What to avoid:

  • The government shutdown has arrived! With it comes the ever-annoying blame game. Both sides are out in full force on all forms of media attempting to show why it’s the “other side’s” fault for the shutdown. Hashtags like #Schumershutdown and #Trumpshutdown are trending due to the quick fingers of the brainwashed masses. Sure, the government shut down sucks, but BOTH sides should be held accountable for it. And more than likely, the shutdown won’t have much of an impact on the majority of citizens. Please avoid all this nonsense and focus on the stories below.

What to focus on:

  • A reminder for us all: War still rages in the Middle East. Recently, the Taliban laid siege to a luxury hotel in Kabul. The attackers, wearing suicide vests, killed at least 18 people (14 foreigners – no Americans) and held off government forces for over 13 hours. The Afghan National Security Forces were able to rescue more than 150.

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