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From the Desk of Senator Cincinnatus

My fellow Americans,

Recently, our Senate, in a one-sided affair, passed major tax reform. Myself, being the 51st Senator, abstained from voting as is my norm.

The lack of cooperation on this bill was disconcerting to say the least. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen such discord between the two sides of the aisle. I’d say it hasn’t been this bad since I was sitting next to Senator Thayer in the 41st Congress.

Nevertheless, I digress.

Despite my grumblings, tax reform was greatly needed in our country. Currently, our tax code is so complex it causes small businesses and individuals undue stress and financial cost and allows larger corporations and the wealthy to bypass taxation through loopholes and oversights. Our current taxation, despite being quite average for individuals, is egregiously high for corporations, and has been unfairly high compared to the rest of the developed world for quite some time. This has caused corporations to store cash and seek out investment overseas, leaking accelerant from America’s economic process.

The tax reform passed upon partisan lines won’t do much for the issue of complexity, but it does make strides in corporate taxation. Now we must pray corporations dust off their moral compasses and do what’s just, paying forward the grace shown by the government to the labor force. This part of the reform will accelerate our economy. It will be worthwhile if it comes to fruition.

Unfortunately, the tax reform was corrupted by the seductive rush of political victory. Despite being produced by the party who usually champions fiscal responsibility, we chose to pass the costs for our short-term individual gains to future generations. This will add many billions of dollars, maybe even over a trillion (it really is hard for me to comprehend 12 zeros on the end of a number), to our deficit, which is already a burden too great to bear. We have failed our future generations again; we may add another tally to our crowded board, an action not exclusive to either side of the aisle.

While all this was happening at home, our ambassador to the United Nations, a woman showing the world women can easily command a global stage, made some major moves abroad. While the world was focused on our embassy moving to Jerusalem, she secured some major victories. The UN voted to impose new sanctions on North Korea, voted to screen fighters returning from Syria, and a German government spokesman acknowledged the validity of a UN report stating Iran sent weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Another victory abroad was achieved as we decided to send lethal weapons to Ukraine. Russia must be stopped in their multi-pronged effort to affect global politics. They must be halted in their wars just as they must be halted in their election interference. This was a step in the right direction, it will help a country fight for their  physical sovereignty. Now we must ensure we help ourselves, and others, fight for electoral sovereignty.

As we turn to the New Year, we must focus on improving ourselves and helping others.

We must continue to assist our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. Imagine a Christmas without power or water. There are Americans who lived such a nightmare. We must not forget them. You can help through any of these means. Somos todos boriquas.

And finally, speaking of those oft forgot, please call, email, and write my colleagues about our Dreamers. While painful to the Dreamers, President Trump did the right thing sending DACA back to Congress. It was an overreach by his compassionate predecessor who was frustrated with inaction. Unfortunately, we’ve continued the inaction. It’s our job as Congress to handle immigration, not the Executive branch’s, therefore it’s our job as Congress to ensure Dreamers are recognized as the Americans they are.

Thank you all,

Senator Cincinnatus

51st Senator of these great United States

Currently serving 38th term


“Coffee is hot” disclaimer: Senator Cinicinnatus is a fictional character used to replicate what it would be like to have politicians who actually fight for the country and their constituents, not their party. 



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