Two Teams, No Winners: Are Americans Willing to Let Go of Partisanship?
There are 10 seconds to go, and it’s not looking good.

Seemingly untouchable in the first half, the Minnesota Vikings are now down by one point
Senator Cincinnatus' Statement on Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida
My Fellow Americans,

I remember a day when school shootings weren’t just another headline. Unfortunately, those
Hey Millennial, Which Party's For You?
Millennials—the demographic cohort that follows Generation X, preceded by the Baby Boomer generation before them—now represent the biggest generation in US history. Much has been
Military Parades Are Simply Partisan Matters
It's that time of year again...The time of year where President Trump asks for a military parade and the partisans on both sides go nuts.

"It's like they're from communist
Dissecting the Nunes Memo - What Difference Does it Make?
You know how when people hype up a comedy movie as extremely funny it ends up ruining the movie for you because your expectations were sky high?  Well, we feel

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